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About us

H. Ferwerda B.V. is the leading supplier of meat products to international operating
companies, situated in the heart of Rotterdam. Ferwerda has direct contact to the network of major abattoirs in- and outside the European Community.
The company is, therefore, ideally placed to purchase and supply meats, poultry and a wide variety of frozen food products worldwide and at the prices quoted on international markets.

Ferwerda Ferwerda, with a location of 8000m2 and a cold store capacity of 3000tons, has more than 200 different frozen items stored.
Ferwerda customers take advantage of the fact that these goods are delivered in transit and free of customs duty. Direct contact from source and bulk purchasing enables us to keep our rates highly competitive. Large-scale customers from major ports and cities worldwide, regularly keep out stock turning over and guarantee the freshness and high quality for which we are renowned.

As specialists in this industry, we take care of all the logistics and import/export arrangements ourselves. This daily task involves tight control over all purchasing and deliveries, stock levels, product line, packaging, documentation, special customer formalities and transport. Costs are kept to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum with an extensive own transport fleet. In this way, Ferwerda offers you the best possible service to be found.

Ferwerda supplies all kind of frozen meats in free circulation, as well in bond (transit) EU-approved as well as non-EU approved meats.”

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