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Lamb & Mutton

Ferwerda lamb products are second to none. Our insight into the international markets means we can source the best products at the best prices from our worldwide business contacts. And our dedicated transport fleet can deliver all the lamb products you need with maximum efficiency and at minimum cost.


Lamb boneless:Lamsbout

Lamb legs
Lamb minced
Lamb tenderloins
Lamb shoulders
Lamb shank

Lamb bone in:

Lamb carcases
Lamb chops
Lamb legs
Lamb loins
Lamb shanks
Lamb shoulders
Lamb racks (frenched )

Lamb offals:

Lamb hearts
Lamb intestines
Lamb kidneys
Lamb livers
Lamb sweetbreads
Lamb tongues


Goat carcases /kids
Goat 6-way in crtn


Mutton carcases
Mutton legs bone in
Mutton legs blss
Mutton 6-way in crtn
Minced mutton iwp

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